April 18, 2015

Taco Bell

customer complaint lettersFirst of all, you have to give your complete date of birth before you’re even allowed to send Taco Bell a comment on their website.  Then they shoe horn you into, “Compliment”, “Complaint”, “Request”.  You’re limited 500 characters.  You need to tell them what store location (taco store?), exactly what time you bought your food and the amount you spent (dirt cheap).

My beef (should I say, my soy) with Taco Bell is with their horrible Doritos Locos Tacos commercials.  The one where the guy drives 700 miles to go to a Taco Bell that serves the new Doritos Tacos because they don’t have them at the Taco Bell in his town.  I’m not sure where this guy lives or how Taco Bell decided where to sell these special tacos but I know, without the smallest doubt, that no one would drive 700 miles to get a Doritio taco.  Maybe you would wonder what they would taste like or get a craving, but you could easily buy a Taco Bell taco and a bag of Doritos and recreate the flavor.

Let’s say peanut butter and jelly didn’t exist but you read somewhere that it was available 500 miles from your home.  Would you drive 500 miles or simply buy the ingredients at your local grocery store?

Thought so.

Do companies and advertising agencies think we’re brain dead?  How is some advertising agency or Taco Bell marketing rep making bank by producing this crap?

Here’s the 500 characters I had to offer Taco Bell, with no reply (so far):

You have a commercial that explains how one of your fans drove 700 miles to taste the new Doritos Locos tacos.  Here’s what I don’t understand: Someone decided to make a 10 hour drive to taste a Taco Bell taco with a Dorito shell instead of just buying a Taco Bell taco and a bag of Doritos.  Really?  That’s two tanks of gas each way, over $200.  Even if I was willing to drive 20 hours because I was so compelled to taste this special taco, I doubt anyone would agree to come with me.  

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